Vapor Cigarette

Vapor Cigarette Reviews

Vapor Cigarette ReviewsThese are vapor based cigarettes that contain nicotine and come in a mixture of flavors; the smoker basically inhales vapor and exhales what looks like smoke. They are manufactured for the sole reason of helping current users of traditional cigarettes to continue enjoying their smoke but a reduced risk. According to research carried out, there are no known health risk yet on vaping. The reality however is vaping just like cigarettes has nicotine which is an addictive drug but you have the advantage of choosing how much of it you want, but as far as addiction smoking is so much worse than vaping.

What are Vapor Cigarettes?

Vapor cigarette offers a much healthier alternative to smokers by still giving them the nicotine and still eliminating toxic chemicals associated with tobacco smoking. This fact that it’s just vapor, it allow smokers to enjoy their nicotine virtually anywhere without restrictions related to traditional cigarettes as there are no second hand smoke or smell being released into the environment.

How do Vapor Cigarettes Work?

Some of the advantages of using vapor cigarettes are: No tar, second hand smoke, ash, bad breath, yellowing of teeth and fingers and no toxic chemicals that contain cancer causing agents as in the case of traditional tobacco, not forgetting there are awesome flavors to choose from. This is seen as a sensible, safer and cost effective alternative to tobacco smoking.

Critics say as much there as so many publicized advantages to vapor cigarettes, there are some disadvantages; Any one can buy them this includes both kids and teens, laws that regulate cigarette advertisements do not apply to vapor cigarettes, there is very little evidence to support claims that vapor smoking help quit tobacco addiction,


Vaping preserve the hand-to-mouth ritual of smoking, e-cigarettes help transform a tobacco smoker's potentially harmful habits to less harmful e-smoking habit. Researchers in recent times have compared vaping to nicotine patches and other smoking quitting methods and have been found to be statistically comparable in helping smokers quit a period of time.

Some of the users say “Traditional cigarettes are too bitter, as they taste like coffee without sugar, but vapor cigarettes has awesome flavors to choose from”

To order you must be over 18 years of age and the prices vary depending on your preference between $25to over $100.

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